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Feature Concept.

Norm App introduces a streamlined approach to social media analytics, offering an all-in-one platform for connecting and comprehensively analyzing TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram accounts.

The Big Ideas.

Our big idea is to simplify the intricacies of social media management, providing users with a centralized hub to effortlessly understand, strategize, and optimize their online presence.

Creative Solutions.

Norm App creatively solves the challenge of scattered social media data by integrating a rate calculator for personalized insights and a Media Kit page for presenting a professional and cohesive snapshot of your digital footprint.


Our Features For Clients

Socials Dashboard

The Social Dashboard seamlessly amalgamates critical social media insights, offering influencers a comprehensive overview of their online presence. This all-in-one section harmonizes demographics, follower analytics, and engagement metrics, fostering a profound understanding without the fuss. Delve into audience composition, discovering their age, location, and interests. Unveil follower trajectories, pinpointing growth patterns.

Rate Calculator

The Rate Calculator empowers you to effortlessly project estimated post values across major social media platforms. By enabling advanced computations, it unveils campaign worth with precision. Calculate potential earnings per post and unlock insights into your social media campaign’s value proposition. Seamlessly assess rates for each platform, factoring in engagement rates, follower counts, and market trends.

Social Media Kit

The Social Media Kit is your one-stop public canvas that artfully paints a complete picture of your social media prowess in a glance. Seamlessly merging diverse platform statistics and insights onto a single page, it becomes a window to your digital persona. Display follower counts, engagement metrics, demographic composition, and growth trends in a visually appealing format.


An Influencer toolkit designed with your needs in mind

Team Work

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Who We Are

Norm App is a cutting-edge social media analytics platform designed to empower individuals and businesses with actionable insights. We are a team passionate about simplifying the complexities of managing diverse social media channels.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way individuals and businesses navigate the digital landscape by providing a unified and intuitive platform for social media analysis and performance optimization.

Our Mission

Empower our users to thrive in the digital realm by offering user-friendly tools for analyzing social media metrics, calculating worth, and creating professional Media Kits. Norm App is dedicated to making social media management accessible, insightful, and impactful for everyone.

Meet Our Founder

Kayley Reed

Kayley is a 3x founder, content creator, and CEO of Hermana Agency. She has spent the past 8 years working on all sides of the creator economy: launching Tiktok accounts for clients like Calm and John Krasinski’s Some Good News (1.3million), leading influencer strategies for DTC and entertainment brands, and managing a roster of talent including Becca MooreSander JenningsKelly U and Style Crone

As a creator herself, Kayley has built an audience of 70,000 across social + podcasting platforms. After navigating the inequities of the rapidly growing, billion-dollar influencer industry, she set out to empower creators with tools to negotiate their worth. Her passion for improving influencer industry standards led her to founding norm.


Feedback From Our Clients
    Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez

    Aspiring Influencer

    Norm App exceeded my expectations! Connecting all my social media accounts was a breeze. The rate calculator provided valuable insights, and the Media Kit feature made presenting my stats easy. Norm App is a must-have for anyone serious about their online presence!

      Sarah Johnson
      Sarah Johnson

      Social Media Strategist

      Norm App has been a total game-changer for me! As a social media enthusiast, having all my TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram insights in one place is incredible. The rate calculator is a fantastic feature, and the Media Kit page makes sharing my data professionally a breeze. Norm App is a must for anyone serious about their online presence!

        Chris Thompson
        Chris Thompson

        Marketing Specialist

        Norm App is a marketer’s dream! This tool not only helps me analyze social media performance effortlessly but also provides a rate calculator that’s proven invaluable in our influencer collaborations. The Media Kit page is a genius touch – it’s like having a dynamic portfolio of our online presence. Norm App is now an essential part of our social media strategy.

          Emily Rodriguez
          Emily Rodriguez

          Small Business Owner

          Norm App has truly simplified my social media game! As a small business owner, managing TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram accounts used to be overwhelming. Norm App’s seamless integration and the rate calculator have been a lifesaver. The Media Kit feature transforms my social media data into a professional showcase. Norm App is now an indispensable tool in my entrepreneurial journey.